I posted a comment on Apple’s private developer forums about an issue that might be interesting for others to read, even the ones who don’t have read access there. Thus, read on for the (slightly rephrased for context) comment.

The bug reporting process at Apple is horribly broken from a user experience design point of view. There is absolutely¬†no feedback whatsoever on what I’m filing in the Bug Reporter. It’s like talking to a wall. Well, not exactly, because talking to a wall is way easier, because you don’t have to phrase your reports in a specific way.

I have bugs open since November 2007, which are (in my web interface) still in the state I left them back then. I even have a bug report in there from July 2008, that has already been fixed, and I asked for it to be closed, but it’s still marked as open¬†(it’s 6059084 in case somebody cares). This behavior tells the developers that nobody actually reads them, so why file them at all?


I came to assume that Apple does employ some kind of user experience designers. Let them have a look at the process and fix it, otherwise don’t be surprised that developers (which are also users after all) don’t file all reports that should be filed, and rather wine on public blogs or on Twitter.

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