In temporal order:

  • pptp-gui: During the first few years, no built-in PPTP client was available on Mac OS X. I ported the Linux client and made a GUI-wrapper around it (hence the name).
  • CocoaDevCentral: Created introductory texts for starting development in Cocoa.
  • DigiTunnel: Created a PPTP-client for enterprises nearly from scratch, sans the encryption.
  • Freshly Squeezed Software: Joined a hobbyist’s company for developing Cocoa software: MailDrop, Booklet and PulpFiction, the latter receiving an Apple Design Award Runner-Up in 2004.
  • FireDTV: Created a driver for an IEEE1394-based DVB device for watching TV for both Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Attended Google Summer of Code 2006 & 2007 as a student for the open source IM client Adium, improving the XMPP support. I stayed as a regular developer on the team.
  • Renamer: Replaced the user interface of the Cocoa application with one based on the specifications by Dietmar Kerschner.
  • Thoughts: Created a real object-based user interface for a book in Cocoa and added a text editor to it. This application is sold under the label green&slimy.
  • Cockpit: Created an automation center for Mac OS X, also under the label green&slimy.
  • MacBuzzer: Created a Google App Engine-based web interface for managing application bundles.
  • Deskscribble: Wrote a drawing application in Cocoa with tablet support for green&slimy.
  • Sketchoo: Yet another drawing application (same engine, but different target market) for green&slimy.

Items without a link have been discontinued/disbanded.

You can also get my first master’s thesis on this site: Fluid Simulation on the GPU with Complex Obstacles Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method.