Welcome to my brand-new blog!

This site used to be a static page which I updated about every 5 years. However, the times are changing, and I’ve never been one to be left behind. Since I signed up on Twitter, there have been some situations where I said to myself “Damn, I’d like to publish that thought, but I’d probably need 1400 characters rather than 140″. Not having a platform for them at the time, they’re now gone forever.

So, but being a tech-person, of course there’s a solution for that: Install WordPress on the server and go writing some stuff! That’s what I’ll do now. I can’t guarantee any frequency, but I’ll try to write up some stuff whenever I have something to say.

I’m holding some talks every now and then, and one thing I’d like to do is to write it up as a blog post, so people can read what I wanted to convey without having to be present.

Being a personal blog, this page will not have a single focus, but everything I’m interested in (check out the About Me page). However, I’ll tag the entries properly, so use those to filter for stuff you want to read!